Read some success stories from people that have worked with me: 


After many years of seeing Silvia’s car next to my local park and resisting the urge to cry for help, I finally contacted Silvia, first as a coach, to help me exercise. The sessions were great and varied and indeed reminded me of all the places where I had muscles!!! I never knew so much could be done in the great outdoors to keep fit. After a wave of lessons we realised that exercise was not all that was missing for me and we embarked on a coaching journey for which I am forever grateful! Silvia’s positivity and ability to ask the right questions as many times as necessary made me get to the point where I realised what, in my mindset and daily routine was harming my efforts to lose weight. Discovering why I used to eat the way I did and why it seemed so impossible for me to stick to right decisions has certainly put me on a very positive path which has started and I believe will continue to lead me to the healthy me I have always dreamt of. I cannot thank you enough Silvia and if you are out there thinking of trying the 10th time to do it by yourself, stop setting yourself up to fail, and ask for help, like I did.

Laeticia C


I did a one-hour session with Silvia two weeks ago to gain some clarity on what I was doing about my weight. I had been hovering at around the same weight for ages and had become a bit complacent. The session helped me to focus on what I really want and it got me excited about having more energy to do the things I want to do and wearing more of the clothes I want to wear. I am not restricting anything and I am not following any diet plan, but I am making better food choices and I have become more active. In the two weeks, without really trying, I have lost 4 lbs, so I am delighted. Thank you Silvia. It has been really helpful.

Mary B


Since working with Silvia, I’ve been able to step out of my head and rationalise thoughts and behaviours that were deeply ingrained. We also worked on language, which made me aware of how I spoke about myself and the expectations I believed others had of me, impacted on how I felt or what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t be doing in life. I’m now able to stop and question these thoughts and turn negativity into a neutral or positive response. Silvia has been very supportive as we went through each session, which were always at ‘my’ pace. Her calm and non-judgemental nature makes you feel as though you are simply talking to a friend. I can’t thank Silvia enough for encouraging me and helping me to believe in myself to achieve the goals I set. I now have a toolbox of skills to help me when I need them.

Helen B


I have been working with Silvia for over 3 years and would highly recommend her. She is great to work with and is very supportive in all aspects of your health and fitness both physical and mental. My motivation and improvement in health from working with Silvia has encouraged me to also take up running and have since ran my first ever 10 K.

Caroline F


When I started Coaching with Silvia I was confused unable to separate what I thought I had to do for others as to what I wanted to do for me. Throughout our time together Silvia supported me to think about what I wanted to change and how to break the change down into achievable steps. By helping me to understand that I had choices and that I was in control of those choices I was able to start making the changes to make me feel happier. It  was easy to talk to her and the techniques Silvia shared with me on how to STOP the self-doubt thoughts were really useful and I continue to use them every day.

Angie C


When I approached Silvia about Health Coaching I wasn’t sure Coaching was the answer but I was getting frustrated and desperate and didn’t know what else to try.  Silvia’s style is brilliant; she encouraged me to look at my issues  in ways that I hadn’t thought of before. Silvia explained that Coaching is about only looking forward and working on where you want to be. She quickly found out about my strengths and helped me understand how to use them in the Coaching and in assisting me to achieve my desired outcome. Silvia’s style is encouraging but calm. She allows you to go at your own pace while making sure you get as much from the sessions as you can. From someone who wasn’t sure that Coaching would work, I’d encourage anyone to give it a go and to approach Silvia to be their coach. I’ve applied the principles of it to other aspects of my life too.

Jen C


Before meeting Silvia I was very unfit, had no motivation and felt tired all the time. I used to get out of breath doing small amounts of rushing about and realised something needed to change. By meeting Silvia and working with her I have not only improved my fitness, I have changed my attitude. Silvia has coached me to become a stronger person both physically and mentally.

Lauren B


Silvia has turned me from the person who used to sign up to gym memberships and then find excuses not to go, to someone who has had a regular and consistent training routine for over 7 years. Her positive attitude and great sense of humour keep me motivated.

Nicola W