Once you master your eating habits and start to feel like yourself, you will find the happiness and inner peace you have been longing for.

Because, when you:

  • Break the cycle you have been stuck in, you will perceive yourself from a different – more empowering perspective, helping you to understand how it is possible
  • Open yourself up to the idea that you are the one who can make the desired changes, you won’t look for solutions outside you but rather inside
  • Learn that despite lack of motivation, energy, time or support; it is your commitment to yourself that enables you to reach your happy weight


From someone who wasn’t sure that Coaching would work, I’d encourage anyone to give it a go and to approach Silvia to be their coach. I’ve applied the principles of it to other aspects of my life too.

Jen C


I know.

The utter frustration with weight makes you wonder if you can believe in yourself.  

Having tried multiple times to change your habits around your eating or lifestyle so that you can feel happier within yourself, yet it still feels impossible.  

Maintaining a new habit has been a constant struggle as after one slip-up you want to give up and being stuck in an endless cycle leaves you feeling helpless.  

There is no point in seeing people or socialising when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. 

The ongoing worry if nothing changes leaves you feeling sad and frustrated”

“Why can’t I get it together?”

You don’t want to bother anymoreafter all nothing works. You’ve tried it all: the tips, tricks, diets, boot camps, gym. The list is endless.  

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The voice that keeps whispering : “THERE MUST BE A WAY” is right.

I get it.

And I do it differently.

Not by putting yourself through another diet or fad only to find yourself giving up after a short while but by working from the inside out.

This aspect is is often ignored which is the reason why so many people can’t make their results last or why they end up sabotaging them.

Looking at what is going on inside when you are thinking or feeling in a certain way helps you to recognise what needs changing internally. This enables you to take relevant actions, resulting in external changes – body shape and weight

“We also worked on language, which made me aware of how I spoke about myself and the expectations I believed others had of me, impacted on how I felt or what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t be doing in life.”


When I ran a personal training business, I witnessed too many people focusing on their exercise, yet overlooking their main challenge, “eating habits” , which were the main cause of their unhappiness.

After years of observing my clients’ journeys as well as mine, I came to the conclusion that there was only one thing that will ensure long-term happiness about one’s weight: “WORKING ON THE INNER SELF”

This is where I can help.

Once I developed the mindset that helped me overcome my own obstacles, I was able to show others how to do the same.

Apart from pursuing my mission to help people like you, I enjoy travelling, running, coffee and continuing my own journey of self-discovery.  

Take control and become the person you once only dreamt of being.