Hi, I am Silvia!


My mission is to empower busy female professionals to develop healthy lifestyle habits, leading to sustained confidence and happiness.

Often, after years of unsuccessful attempts at long-term change, my clients seek out a different avenue. They have noticed that their confidence, mental and physical health, as well as their social life, is seriously affected.

I help them to break the cycle that prevents them from leading the life they strive for. My clients are left feeling finally comfortable in their own skin and empowered to tackle any challenges life throws at them.

I have learnt from my clients that despite problems like lack of motivation, support, energy or time; it is their commitment to the goal that makes a long-lasting difference to their life.

“From someone who wasn’t sure that Coaching would work, I’d encourage anyone to give it a go and to approach Silvia to be their coach. I’ve applied the principles of it to other aspects of my life too.”

Jen C

More about me

I am a life coach based in Essex, with a personal training and nursing background. I am also a keen runner and a proud mum of three. I have always cared deeply and passionately about my own health and confidence, eventually realising that in order to keep the latter in check, I needed to develop a mindset that would help me overcome any obstacle in my life.

Lessons from my PT clients

Prior to life coaching, I ran a successful personal training business for thirteen years which taught me that people can, and will, achieve results whilst working on their physical body alongside a trainer. However, I witnessed many clients who, once finishing a series of sessions with me, would revert to their old ways. Some of these clients would return to work with me a few months or years down the line.

I soon observed that working exclusively on the physical body only produces short-term results. I found this frustrating as I wanted my clients to maintain the new habits they had developed whilst working with me.

“We also worked on language, which made me aware of how I spoke about myself and the expectations I believed others had of me, impacted on how I felt or what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t be doing in life.”

A new mindset

It wasn’t until I discovered coaching that I understood; in order to sustain long-term results, the inner self needs to be worked on first. This aspect of wellbeing is often ignored whilst all the focus is put on external components, such as diet and exercise. These can, in fact, add to the stress we put on ourselves and reinforce the cycle of defeat, whilst unconsciously embedding negative beliefs about our ability.

“Discovering why I used to eat the way I did and why it seemed so impossible for me to stick to right decisions has certainly put me on a very positive path which has started and I believe will continue to lead me to the healthy me I have always dreamt of.”

However, through exploring and improving our self-awareness and self-perception, we take the pressure off, relax and start breaking the patterns that don’t serve us. By focusing on our strengths, we can begin to open ourselves up to the reality of self-belief, empowerment and inner strength which encourage us to keep going until we get what we desire.

I have always been intent on helping people make sustainable life changes. I used to think that if we could only follow “the right advice” everyone could achieve their goals. I now know that everyone needs to discover the methods that work for them. This is what my life coaching services enable my clients to do.

However, we have to be brave enough to start for everything to fall into place. This will only happen when we decide to prioritise ourselves. It may be the hardest thing you do, but once you do it, not only will you find yourself the happiest you have ever been, but so will everyone else around you too.

What I love about coaching is seeing people begin to believe in themselves, take control and become the person they once only dreamt of being.

Apart from pursuing my mission to help people like you, I enjoy travelling, running, yoga, coffee and continuing my own journey of self-development.