What is Life Coaching and why is it an important part of having a balanced lifestyle and feeling happy and strong?

Is there more to an unhealthy lifestyle than simply not finding the time? Could there be an emotional issue behind the physical?

Have you stopped believing in yourself, compare yourself to others and feel silly when you do? Do you find that you don’t feel good enough? Yet, when you take a closer look, you realise that all you want is to become the best version of yourself.

When taking time to reflect, you may find that there is something holding you back. There seems to be time for everything else, however when it comes to you, your mind may be telling you that you can stay on hold, or that you are not important enough. And if you do prioritise yourself over someone or something else, you end up feeling guilty. So what do you do?

If this is something you are struggling with, you are not alone as this is very common among my clients.

When I started Life Coaching with Silvia I was confused unable to separate what I thought I had to do for others as to what I wanted to do for me. Throughout our time together Silvia supported me to think about what I wanted to change and how to break the change down into achievable steps. By helping me to understand that I had choices and that I was in control of those choices I was able to start making the changes to make me feel happier. It  was easy to talk to her and the techniques Silvia shared with me on how to STOP the self-doubt thoughts were really useful and I continue to use them every day.
Angie C

Coaching helps you to understand your thoughts, your actions and the relationship between them. It encourages you to see the issue from a different angle. It helps you to start to get to know yourself and see why you make certain choices. You will start to see how change is possible, and if you are ready to make the commitment, your actions will lead to desired results.

Perhaps you are training regularly and working your body hard, yet not seeing any changes with regards to your goal?

Maybe you have tried to make changes by yourself time and time again, but you are not getting anywhere?

Deep down you know it is not the body that needs to be challenged, it is most likely the mind.

“Discovering why I used to eat the way I did and why it seemed so impossible for me to stick to right decisions have certainly put me on a very positive path which has started, and I believe will continue to lead me to the healthy me I have always dreamt of. If you are thinking of trying the 10th time to do it by yourself, stop setting yourself up to fail, and ask for help, like I did.”
Laeticia C

Another common reason people struggle to get results is that their exercise and eating habits are out of balance. They may exercise regularly, however they are eating too much or eating the wrong type of food. They may even find that they are addicted to some types of food.

My clients find that having time and space to discuss and explore what is causing such habits, and how to change and manage them, can have the most positive effect on one’s health and well-being.

They often find they can apply the same principles to other areas of their life.


I’ve applied the principles of Life Coaching to other aspects of my life too.
Jen C