Hi, I am Silvia!


I truly believe it’s possible to be happy, healthy and have self-belief at any time in life. My mission is to help women to know that no matter how long they have struggled with their weight, there is hope. You CAN feel good about yourself. You don’t need to struggle on your own any more, it’s OK to ask for help. I am here.

I specialise in working with busy female professionals who have become frustrated overtime with not being able to lose weight and successfully maintain it. They are aware they need to make a change as it is affecting their mental, physical health and energy levels as well as other areas of their lives. I help them to create a lifestyle, often after years of unsuccessful attempts at long term change, which they can apply on a daily basis. This results in sustaining their weight, feeling comfortable in their skin and higher energy levels.

Over the years I have learnt that your future goals are what count, not the difficulties you face at present. My clients have proved this time and time again.

My style of work is for people that are ready to make a change and are fully committed to take actions to see results.

” Discovering why I used to eat the way I did and why it seemed so impossible for me to stick to right decisions has certainly put me on a very positive path which has started and I believe will continue to lead me to the healthy me I have always dreamt of.”
Laeticia c

Once you decide and commit, you can make a lasting difference to your life. I have helped clients who lacked motivation, support, confidence, energy, time or simply felt lost. Through understanding, gentle encouragement and empowerment, I helped them to become not only healthy and confident, but I also gave them tools to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

“We also worked on language, which made me aware of how I spoke about myself and the expectations I believed others had of me, impacted on how I felt or what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t be doing in life.”


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I am a mum of three, keen runner, personal trainer and a health coach. I am based in Essex and have always been passionate not just about improving my own health and confidence but also about developing a mindset which helped me to deal with obstacles and challenges in my life.

I am non-judgemental and I have been intent on helping people make sustainable life changes. I used to think that if we could only follow “the right advice” everyone can achieve what they want. I have learnt over the many years of experience that everyone needs to find out what will work for them. Sometimes we just have to be brave enough to start and everything will fall into place.

My background is in healthcare industry where I trained to be a nurse. I took a break to care for my 3 children, whilst keeping active and planning my next career path. This turned out to be setting up my own business as a Personal Trainer. It has been very rewarding seeing people make changes around their health, self-belief and even other areas of their life, particularly when I have applied Life Coaching.

What I love about Coaching is seeing people begin to believe in themselves, take control and become the person they initially didn’t believe they could be.

Apart from being passionate about helping people like you to make sustainable changes in your life, I enjoy travelling, drinking coffee and continually developing myself.

For your peace of mind, I am:

    • Qualified-YMCA Personal Trainer – Level 3
    • Nutrition and Weight Management – Level 3
    • Exercise Referrals – Active IQ – Level 3
    • Coaching Academy – Personal Performance Coaching 2014
  • EXPERIENCED – since 2009