A few years ago when I had my personal training business and got asked this question, I didn’t have a solution.  

 I would try to up my clients’ training and wonder if that was going to make a difference.  

 It didn’t.  

 I even arranged for some clients to see a special dietitian as they insisted, they were eating very little and exercising a lot, yet the weight wasn’t shifting.  

 That didn’t work either.  

 I so wanted my clients to achieve results that I suggested different things to keep them on track, resulting in me doing more work, rather than them.   

That definitely didn’t work.  

 I was getting frustrated.  

 Then one day I saw a client who had worked with me in the past and I was amazed at how much weight she’d shifted since she stopped working with me.  

 She told me she made one change which had totally impacted her weight not through training harder and longer or going on diets.  

 I had to question myself, my methods, my beliefs.  

 I few years later I experienced something similar myself when I started putting some weight on and I couldn’t understand why.  

 I’d always been active and after all, I was a personal trainer?!  

 I remember asking my daughter, who was then in her early teens, why she thought I was putting weight on.  

 She immediately replied: “maybe you should cut down on the chocolate bars you are having”.  

 “What chocolate bars?”  

 “How rude!” I thought to myself.  

 I hated her in that moment, and I vowed I’d never share anything with her again.  

 But after reflecting I realised she had a point.  

 And that was my wake-up call.  

 It was a challenging time but I was ready to do the work.  

 Just like the client who couldn’t shift her weight when she trained with me, but made a big change later on, I’d realised that I had a blind spot.  

 I was doing something without even noticing it or possibly unconsciously ignoring it.  

 Thanks to my daughter, I became aware of it, recognised and only then could start changing it.  

 The process sounds simple but it isn’t when you are involved and you simply can’t see the whole picture.  

 We only see what we focus on, usually from one perspective.  

 Yet, there is so much more going on.  

 Or maybe we are in denial which can also be unconscious.  

 I certainly had been practicing one of the patterns, either not noticing it or conveniently ignoring it.  


 However, you need to understand your blid spot, why you do what you do.  

 So if you are willing to give up the one pattern that may be comfortable but is keeping you unhappy, start with one decision:  


 If you are:  

 Serious about changing your shape and size forever  

 Want to end the self-sabotage and negative self-talk for once and for all  

 Ready to be challenged  

 Are committed to yourself  

 Want to start using the power you have (even though you may not see yet) to break the most destructive pattern that has prevented you from having the weight you desire to live life fully, contact me to find out how that is possible x  

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