Letting go of unhealthy choices

Remember when you first turned to food for comfort?  

It seemed like a good idea back then as no harm was being done, so you did it again and again.  

It felt good.  

Without even thinking, it became your go-to pattern.  

But after some time, you’d noticed that it had some side effects: your size increased, your body shape changed and you couldn’t fit into your clothes.  

Despite hating the idea, you went out and bought some bigger clothes. 

But as your unhelpful pattern continued, you needed to buy even bigger clothes.  

This habit was no longer welcome, yet it was staying put.  

You’d tried everything to get rid of it but nothing worked.  

It was simply impossible.  

You no longer recognise yourself in the mirror. 

You no longer look or feel like you.  

You are frustrated and scared about what will happen if this continues.  

If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone.  

Many women do, yet no one talks about it.  

After all, it’s your fault and it’s something very silly.  

You just need to pull yourself together and stop comfort eating, full stop, right?  


It’s very easy to fall into this trap, particularly when we are amid challenges. We already have a lot going on, are stressed and don’t want or haven’t got the skills to deal with yet another issue. 

We need something to keep us going so we develop certain habits, which also help us forget about the pain. 

So we have a bar of chocolate, a doughnut or a bag or two of crisps.  

It doesn’t hurt when we do it once or twice.  

By continuing, it becomes a coping mechanism and we are paying a huge price for it. 

We are not aware that we have been developing a habit which after some time seems impossible to break.  


Though you are the only one that can change it.  

We deal with everything that goes on on the outside such as diets, restrictions, recommendations and yet they don’t help. We work hard, we push ourselves to work even harder and when there are no results, we punish ourselves. This does more harm than good.  

If we want to break the habit, we need to deal with what goes on inside. Once we get to know ourselves better and understand how we think and feel, we can start changing our actions.  

Sometimes, we need to go back to the challenges we faced then, which may have become even bigger and are keeping us stuck. 

When you decide this is your priority and you no longer want to live with this habit, you conclude that after trying every external thing, there is some inner work to do.  

Understanding yourself, why you do what you do will be the first step to letting go of unhealthy choices and fitting into your favourite clothes.  

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