Do you sabotage your short-lived results? Here is why:

You take supplements, go on a strict diet, go hard on exercise to punish yourself.  

You see results.  

You start to look different.  

You get compliments.  

But you still don’t feel good enough.  

You still don’t like yourself.  

You still get annoyed with yourself.  

You don’t understand?! 

Before you know it, you self-sabotage.  

The results were short-lived.  

Your body may have gone through a transformation but your mind hasn’t.  

No change happened on the inside, the work was done on the outside.  

The truth is your mind is in charge and your body follows.  

There is so much to explore when you do the inner work!  

But don’t despair, you can have it all.  

You can get long-term results.  


  1. Start with getting to know yourself. 

Notice your thoughts and feelings.  

Write them down.  

Spend some time with yourself, see what feels good and follow that.  

There is no right or wrong. There is only what does or doesn’t feel good.  


  1. Practice true self-care. 

You can go to the spa, buy a dress or treat yourself to anything you desire.  

But true self-care that makes the biggest difference starts with showing yourself love, kindness and appreciation in how you talk to yourself.  

Just as you would do to your best friend, to your child or someone you deeply love.  


You don’t need to take supplements, restrict yourself or go hard on exercise to punish yourself if you do the inner work first.  

Do you want long-term results without self-sabotage? 

Do the inner work first. The rest will follow. 

I would love to hear what  your experience is.


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