Is your personal trainer stopping you reaching your happy weight?

You decide it’s finally time to do something about your health, fitness and especially your weight! 

You want to feel confident and good about yourself when you look in the mirror. You want to feel comfortable so you can express yourself. You want to be able to choose the clothes that will make you feel sexy! 

So you decide to get a personal trainer. Surely, a trainer can help you with weight loss?! 

You look forward to working out weekly and, even more so, to the results you’re going to get. 

After a few weeks you can see that you have more energy, you are sleeping better and not getting out of breath as much as  

And that sounds great! 

But, you’re still not happy.

The scales aren’t shiffting.

You mention it to your trainer but they tell you to focus on all the benefits you are seeing. 

You are pleased with those results of course….but you really joined to get to your happy weight and that’s not happening. 

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re not alone, this happens to so many women. They feel stuck because they feel good about working out, and it’s absolutely amazing for their mind and body, but they are not getting even close to their goal. They want to see the scales moving – and they aren’t! 

I know this because I used to be that trainer.

I used to convince myself and my clients that all they needed to do was to keep active and improve their eating habits.  

But that wasn’t working and I used to get frustrated because I knew that having a 5-10 minute chat at the end of the session, offering a few suggestions, wasn’t going to make a difference. 

The reason these clients were not achieving their main goal, which was usually weight loss, was because the big thing that kept them stuck was being ignored. 

And telling someone to ignore their goal, saying they should focus on other results only covers up the real issue, when it actually needs to be dealt with! 

This is why I don’t provide personal training any more. Instead I help with the biggest challenge keeping you stuck. Usually it’s a particular pattern that needs to be broken, and when it is, it frees you up to make the most powerful change. 

So before you get yourself a personal trainer, have a think whether that is the best support for you right now: 

Is it purely exercise that you need help with? 

Or are there patterns around time, priorities, eating habits or motivation that you have been stuck with for a long time, and that need breaking? 

Making a change to just one habit can kick-start your journey to your happy and healthy weight. 

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