Hard truth

Hard truth…there is no one flawless way to get your happy weight so stop looking for that one solution.

There are a million gurus out there telling you that there is and that they have the secret to your success.

I call it NONSENSE.

You are unique and even though I do believe most of the strategies do work, they have to be employed with consistency. If you are trying to implement strategies that don’t feel right to you, you won’t be able to stay consistent.

You will stop and then claim that strategy didn’t work.

The reality was it didn’t work for you.

You have to find your own path. It’s not always easy and takes trial and error. It certainly requires help and guidance but be careful who you follow. Don’t blindly follow the flashy lights and flashy cars.

Follow your instincts.

Follow those who teach strategies you feel aligned to.

Follow those who inspire you by more than the money they make.

Follow me.

If it feels right.

Seriously, I might joke but a big part of my message is that you have choices.

Before you pay out for any expensive programme or course, trust yourself a little more.

And yes, I do sell support but I help people to trust themselves as much as I help them with having health and a happy weight.

You can always book to have a chat with me here and see if what I offer will work for you.

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