Have you thought of this solution?

Susan had struggled with her weight for years. The more she worked on it, the heavier she became; every time she attempted to lose weight, she would eventually put on more.

When I met Susan, she was frustrated, unhappy and felt helpless. She thought that she should have had a grasp on her weight by now.

She thought that she simply lacked the will power and labelled herself weak. She had never considered asking for help.

When she found out about my Breakthrough Session, she was curious as to what it entailed. She filled in the questionnaire and learnt that she qualified for the session.

Over the course of the first 30 minutes, we talked about the challenges she faced and how she was tackling them. It became clear what her obstacles were.

In the second half of the session, we created a realistic plan, with some contingency, that she would feel comfortable following.

As a result of our one hour chat, Susan had learnt that she didn’t need to punish herself by restricting the food she liked. She left the session feeling relieved that she didn’t have to start a strict regime. We discussed exactly what she was going to do to keep the habits sustainable and realistic, leading to long-term results.

She now no longer focuses on what may not work and why she might fail. She focuses instead, on every little achievement that will move her closer to her goal! Most importantly, she is able to keep going and maintain a consistent approach.

What is stopping you from investing an hour in yourself so that you can break through the excuses and finally commit to yourself? How will you start making long-lasting changes to feel energised, stay youthful and wear your clothes with confidence again?

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