Hands up if this sounds like you?

Hands up if this sounds like you?

You are constantly working on your weight in the hope of feeling more confident, happy and healthy. However, time and time again you find yourself falling off the wagon.

The fear of failure is overwhelming; you find yourself thinking that you may never be able to feel like yourself again.

You spend too much time and energy on quick – fix diets which stop you from reaching your ideal weight.

You tell yourself that you will never achieve your healthy weight – it’s just not possible for you.

The truth is that the stress you feel about your weight is a real problem. The negative self-talk coupled with the “why can’t I just do it?” approach proves how much of the battle relates to your mindset.

You know that once you commit, start to prioritise yourself and see changes, you will feel good about yourself.

All you really want is to find a consistent way of gradually losing weight and avoid sabotaging your results.

I know that this can feel like an uphill struggle – l see it all the time. Even I had sabotaged my own results in the past and felt frustrated.

I get it.

Do you recognise yourself here?

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